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Dr. Gregory Noll



I would like to welcome you to the Noll Veterinary Hospital website. I thought I would review how I decided to begin my practice here, share with you how it has grown, and what I want to do in the future. I would like to thank my clients for entrusting us to treat their pets, whether they are the family dog, the dressage horse project, the sheep having problems delivering a lamb, or any other pet or farm animal you may have.

I grew up on a farm near Lancaster, Ohio where we raised sheep, cattle, and chickens. I am the oldest of five children. My parents still live on that 140 acre farm. I graduated form veterinary school at The Ohio State University in 1980. I entered private practice by working for another veterinarian in Richland County, Ohio for two years. I decided it was time to strike out on my own at that point, and scouted out cities I felt were promising in southwest and central Ohio. Springfield looked like the best place. I found this property, and put up my shingle announcing my new business on August 9, 1982. I have never regretted this choice.

As money was tight for a new vet, I worked out of the front room of the house for the first three years. I was the vet, answered the phone, prepped the surgeries, and cleaned up. Our start was slow, but as word spread, the practice started to grow. I added a receptionist, a vet assistant, and then knew it was time for a larger office. I discussed the project with Ron Leach, a local architect, who designed the building. It was built by Baird Builders in 90 days, and we started work in this office on November 10, 1985.

When I opened, most of my work was in farm practice, but the majority of what I now do is companion animal practice. Over the years, I have added such tools as an X-ray machine, pulse oximeter, and blood analyzers to provide answers to our patients’ problems. Since 1982, I have seen many new medications, therapies and tools to make my job easier or to give hope in a situation where previously there was none. We offer veterinary care to a mix of companion animals, and still visit farms for livestock and horses.

My staff has grown from two people in 1985, to 12, including two technicians. I have been blessed with a wonderful staff, as so many of you know, since you usually deal with them before you talk to me. My family includes my wife and my four children. My wife Lori works with me. My four children, Danielle, Daniel, Ben and Brianna also get their share of time at the hospital with various tasks. They have seen lots of things that have provided interesting stories to tell their kids. I intend to work toward keeping our patients healthy by preventing diseases before they start, by providing help in keeping your pet healthy as he or she gets older, helping my farm clients maintain healthy livestock, and to do our best to serve our clients in a timely manner with quality veterinary care.

Much has changed over the years, but our commitment has remained the same: to provide the best quality services we can for our clients and to do it at a fair price.

Thank you for visiting!
Dr. Gregory Noll


Practice Manager

Hi! My name is Lori Noll and I am the Practice Manager. I have been involved with the hospital since the summer of 1988. Dr. Noll and I married in 1991. We have 4 grown children, all of which have worked here at some point in their lives. I started as a veterinary assistant and now take care of many facets of the hospital.

We have grown and changed throughout the years and strive to offer our clients and patients the most up to date services and products. Our family raises goats, which you have probably seen in the pastures around the hospital. We also have several cats, both at home and in the barn. The barn and goats are protected by two Great Pyrenees dogs and we have 4 house dogs.

Darcy Ryan

Registered Veterinary Technician

Hello I am Darcy Ryan. I am one of the veterinary technicians here at Noll Veterinary Hospital. I will be celebrating 22 years as a technician this summer. Over the years, I have learned a lot about the health of pets and the relationships we create with our pets. I live in Springfield with my family consisting of two daughters, two dogs, five cats, one horse, and one husband.


Registered Veterinary Technician

My name is Emily Lokai and I am one of the Veterinary Technicians here at Noll Veterinary Hospital. I graduated from Tecumseh High School in 2012. I then graduated from Miami Jacobs Career College in September of 2015 with an Associates of Applied Science degree. I passed my boards in November 2015 to get my Vet Tech license. I started at Noll Veterinary Hospital in July of 2015 as an intern for my schooling and got hired on shortly after. I grew up in Donnelsville on a farm where we raised pigs, cattle, chickens and participated in 4-H and FFA at the Clark County Fair. I now have four dogs at my house and will have a horse when our barn is done. I love that my clinic allows me to work with companion animals as well as livestock and horses.

Danielle Koster

Receptionist and Vet Assistant

My name is Danielle and I have been working at Noll Veterinary Hospital since June of 2001. My husband and I were married in autumn of 2011 and we share our home with many critters including Lita our black lab, our 3 cats TJ, Calvin, and KimChi, two chinchillas Indie and Eko, and a few fish. I also have a horse, Chrissy, whom you may have seen out in the pastures near the clinic. I graduated from Wright State in 2012 with a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Art with a concentration in painting.



Hello, my name is Miranda Lokai. I began working at Noll Veterinary Hospital in 2016. I grew up on a farm in Donnelsville and have always loved being around animals. I was involved in 4-H and FFA as a child, and still am with my three children. I spend most of my spare time with my kids, my dog Buzz, and my crazy cat, Kai.


Hospital Mascot

Hello! My name is Annabelle.   Most of the time you will find me lounging and napping on my bed in the staff office.  I had a very ruff first few years until one day the Fed Ex man found me and invited me into his truck.  He was very nice and didn’t want to leave me out in the cold February weather, so he brought me to Noll Veterinary Hospital.   Everyone was so nice here and started helping me look for a new home with a family of my own that would love me and take good care of me.  Little did they know I already found the perfect, yet unexpected home.   As the Doctor and his staff tried finding me a home, everyone got really attached to me and me to them.  Eventually they realized that I belonged here at the office.  Five years later, I live at Dr. Noll and Lori’s home and come to work every day.  Sometimes I even help out as a canine blood donor to other dogs in need.   I really love napping and snoring, wearing tutus, getting my nails painted, eating oatmeal cream pies, pupperonis with spray cheese, and fair french-fries. My all-time favorite thing is to get love attention from my co-workers and our clients.  So any time you are in the office don’t forget to say hello to me!